Ace is little mysterious stinker. (see stinkers.) He, like not so much stinkers dont have something on head. You can see him too in Wonderland Adventures. But there you dont reveal his name.

Wonderland Adventures Edit

In Wonderland Adventures he give you first blue flower, and then Gold Star for suncream. There is not another role of Ace in this game. You can found him in Wondertown.

Wonderland Adventures: Mysteries Of Fire Island Edit

In this game, Ace goes with you to Fire Island. He everytime lost somewhere. On start of game when you is in Makeshift Camp he lost in fire cave. After saving him, he shows you Gold Star. Next time he goes to another cavern. When you save him, he goes back to camp. And his final "stupidity" was in swamp.


Head: Nothing Eyes: Sunglasses Boots: Blue Sneakers