-The Chomper Home-


  Red Chompers
  Yellow Chompers

Interview with Chompers:

Kkk400: Welcome Chompers! Please, tell me where you appear FIRST? Red Chomper: Hah! I appear in Wonderland: Secret Worlds, level i think.. it was Chompers in the woods! Kkk400: Nice. And you? Yellow Chomper? Yellow Chomper: Same game but other world. Kkk400: What was name of that wo... Yellow Chomper: Ruins. I dont remember moar. Kkk400: MOAR??? Yellow Chomper: Yes. Im sad because i dont appear in more games so i start tell little weird. Kkk400: But your friend, Red Chomper appear in maybe ALL games!! Im right? Red Chomper: Nope. I dont appear in first game, Wonderland. Kkk400: Oh yeah. But in all others. Right? Red Chomper: For now YES. But i think, i dont appear in now game named: Wonderland Adventures: Planet of Z-bots. Did you see chomper in space. XD. Kkk400: Youre maybe right. But you dont know what they do... Kkk400: Ok! That was interview with these CHOMPERS. For now... BYE!!


5: Looking- We chompers, LOVE look at player how he play!

4: Telling- We tell EVERYTIME! Did you hear it?

3: No Jumping- Our motto is: Dont jump or you will be sick!

2: Chasing- Oh yeah! We love chase player! Its our job...




Here! 1: Be in games!!!!- OF COURSE!!! WE LOVE BEING IN GAMES!!!


Thank you for reading "The Chomper Home" some things in this page is not needed to know, but much of things in this page is just for fun. But we hope you like it! More things coming soon in The Chomper Home II! We hope, YOU or somebody else create it!