Perfect Map

As you can see, this map have golden levels!

Perfect! Is statistic in Wonderland (Game) and Wonderland: Secret Worlds.

To get this statistic you must collect all bonus coins in level. In some levels is easy to get it, and in some, when you try you for 95% die. To complete level you dont need this!

Wonderland (Game) Edit

In this game is PERFECT marked by stars in level select.

Wonderland: Secret Worlds Edit

Because this game like only have world map, PERFECT is marked by golden level instead green level. Easy to see.

Other Edit

If you look for PERFECT! in Wonderland Adventures series, stop it now! In that series isn´t map or something, so you logically CAN´T get PERFECT! And too, there aren´t bonus coins.

Links Edit

bonus coins- For see very needly thing for PERFECT! Gems- Increase points. Reference of bonus coins.