These annoying things follow Stinky because they want munch him. Watch out for them! Its hard to escape from them when they saw you. There are also Yellow Chompers. Red Chompers are slower in Wonderland: Secret Worlds than in Wonderland Adventures or Wonderland Adventures: Mysteries of Fire Island. They are known for they weird sound that they do when they move. Something like Meah or Niem.


Appearence Edit

Chompers (all) looks little robotical. They have sutured two parts of body. In Wonderland Adventures they look more robotical than in other games.


Reference Or Easter Egg? Edit

If you look at Chomper it look little like Piranha Plant from Super Mario series. Piranha Plants are too red and its just mouth. Chomper too looks like Chain Chomp too from Super Mario series. Both can move, both can tell just ONE word, both are just mouth without something other. If you dont agree tell me what you think and please dont tell to comments something like: "Boo!" "This is stupid!" etc...

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