Stinky´s Cove is home of Stinky and Loof. You can found it in start of game: Wonderland: Secret Worlds. It have six levels named: Welcome back, Stinky!, Chompers in the Woods, Playing with Fire, At the Shore, Island Hopping and Stinky and Loof, Together Again!. All of them are tutorial levels. Solutions aren´t complete for these levels now. (If it will, somebody edit it please!).


New Things Edit

In this world appear most mainest things for game. Like box,rock and teleport! But too Loof. He and Stinky live here like only Stinkers.


Enemies Edit

In this world appear not so much enemies. Its just Red Chompers from level Chompers in the Woods. And Scouge the cannon from Playing with Fire. ( P.s- there is some trampolines in level Playing with Fire but i forgot names of them. XD . If you know it, please add it to this page. Thank you! ) ________________________________________________________________________________________

Trivia Edit

- Stinky is maybe mayor of this place. Because it have his name. - Its first world in the game. By most of players is hardest level: Playing with Fire. But its "easy" for next levels. - In demo is available just this world, Windy Hills and Temple Ruins.